Why Won’t My Air Conditioner Turn On? Check These 8 Things!

Why Won’t My Air Conditioner Turn On? Check These 8 Things!

Scheduling maintenance services is one of the essential things that you can do to prevent a sudden breakdown in the middle of the summer season. If you are in need of sudden, emergency AC repair in Phoenix, contact GE Home Services  for assistance.

Our experts suggest scheduling an inspection with our professional, and try to find out what is causing the issue. There are some DIY solutions to fix some problems, but you may need to call our technician for more complicated issues. Before contacting us for professional help, it is worth checking a few things to see if you can remedy the issue on your own.

Eight Things You Should Check Before Calling The Technician!

Our air conditioning service experts in Phoenix recommend checking the following things, if you have difficulty switching on your air conditioning system: 

1. Check The Thermostat Settings.

Ensure the thermostat is set to cool and the desired temperature is less than the outside temperature. Moreover, check the fan settings and ensure it is set on AUTO rather than ON. You can even try changing the batteries to ensure the thermostat has enough power to work properly. 

2. Inspect The Home's Circuit Breaker.

Sometimes, a sudden rise in the voltage can lead the AC circuit breaker to trip down, and your AC will stop working to protect the components from the excess power supply. Check the circuit breaker panel; try switching it up if the AC fuse is tripped down.

If it trips down again, you might need to call us for AC repair in Phoenix for inspection because the AC assembly has a faulty component.

3. Ensure All The AC Power Switches Are On.

During household chores or cleaning, homeowners may switch off the power and forget to turn it back on. When the AC does not switch, they call the technician for repair in panic.  

4. Inspect The Air Filter.

A clogged air filter can block the airflow, and the AC compressor cannot work if sufficient air is available. Our air conditioning service experts in Phoenix recommend replacing the air filter annually before the summer begins.

5. Remove The Debris Around The Outdoor Unit.

The dried leaves or debris material might get stuck in the AC components, like the motor, and impacts its functioning. If your AC does not turn on, open the AC unit and clean it. Also, clear the clutter around the AC unit. 

6. Check If The System Is Overheated.

Overheating can cause the system to switch off for an undeclared time due to a safety feature. 

7. Ensure The AC Condensate Pipe Is Clean

Clogged AC condensate may impact the AC’s functioning, and you can clean it using a mild AC condensate cleaning agent. 

8. Check The Refrigerant Levels.

If you have an old AC system, the refrigerant levels are likely to be low due to continuous usage. Call the best HVAC company. If you are looking for a company you can trust, do a quick Google search for HVAC services near me to inspect the refrigerant level and contact us.


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