Why Is My Air Conditioning Equipment Running But Not Cooling?

Why Is My Air Conditioning Equipment Running But Not Cooling?

If your AC is on but not cooling your home, this can be very concerning and stressful, especially if you spend the majority of your time indoors. In this situation, you may need an air conditioning service Phoenix, or a DIY solution can also fix your problem.

5 Reasons Why Your Air Conditioning Is Running But Not Cooling

We have listed below the reasons for this AC problem and ways to fix it.

  • The Uncleaned AC Condenser Unit

It is common to forget to clean the AC condenser during a busy schedule, but this common mistake leads to blockage inside the AC unit. Over time the AC condenser gets dirtier, and it forms clogging.

The clogged AC condenser fails to condense the air. Check the condenser unit when your AC suddenly stops cooling. If it is dirty, clean it. It will be helpful to add regular AC condenser cleaning to your AC maintenance tasks.

  • The Air Filter Has Not Received A Replacement

You should replace an air filter within 60 to 90 days. When any family member suffers from an allergy or other health problem, you should replace the air filter every month.

If the filter is washable, you should clean it every week. The air filter gets clogged when you keep using your AC without replacing the dirty filters. The clogged filter lets the undesirable particle enter other AC components.

  • The Thermostat Is Not Functioning Well

One of the possible reasons for AC not cooling the room can be incorrect temperature settings. Check the temperature settings on the thermostat.

If the temperature fluctuates frequently, a malfunctioning thermostat is a reason. You will need an AC repair Phoenix to fix the faulty thermostat.

  • The Refrigerant Needs An Inspection

The lower the refrigerator amount in the air conditioning, the poor the cooling experience you will get. A sufficient amount of coolant is a must for desirable cooling. The refrigerant amount may decrease due to leakage or usage.

If everything is well with the AC condenser, filter, and thermostat, contact the technician to get the refrigerant amount inspected. If the refrigerant amount is less due to leakage, the technician will inspect and fix it.

  • The AC Size Is Inaccurate

If your air conditioning equipment is undersized, it will not be able to fulfill your cooling requirements as it doesn’t match the room size.

If a small AC size is why you face this problem, you will need a new AC installation Phoenix AZ. The replacement is the only solution for the inaccurate AC size problem.


While the problem of air conditioning running but not cooling seems tricky, its solutions are simple and less expensive. GE Home Services LLC provides all HVAC services at affordable rates.

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