When Your AC System is The Perfect Fit?

When Your AC System is The Perfect Fit?

A quality AC installation is important for your system to function well and last a long time. Correct installation of an air conditioner will deliver the ideal level of cooling and improve longevity.

The warranty of the system covers the servicing costs.

While one of our professionals will perform AC installation Phoenix AZyou should understand important split air conditioner installation details. Contact  GE Home Services for more information on HVAC services  in Phoenix, AZ.

Things To Look For When Installing An Air Conditioner


There is a common misconception that bigger is better for air conditioners. Besides lowering temperatures, air conditioners also remove moisture. A small air conditioner can cause a variety of problems. Moreover, it will not be able to lower temperatures effectively.

Consequently, your utility bill will increase as the unit runs constantly. To avoid these issues, measure the space you want to install your AC before purchasing it. One of our professionals for  AC tune-ups in Phoenix can help with this process.

Types of AC Units

After determining the right size, it is important to determine the type of air conditioner that is right for your space.

Window Air Conditioners

Window air conditioners are the most common type of room air conditioner. Easy to install and remove, window air conditioners are designed for double-hung windows. Get in touch with a professional for  AC replacement in Phoenix.

Casement Air Conditioners

Rather than opening vertically, casement air conditioning units open horizontally. A casement air conditioner is a taller, skinnier window unit.

Portable Air Conditioners

They usually rest on the floor and vent hot air outside through a flexible hose. Many basement glass-block windows have a centre vent, accommodating a venting hose.

Wall Air Conditioners

Through-the-wall air conditioners are usually more efficient than window models.

Central Air Conditioning Systems

When it comes to even air conditioning, central air conditioning systems are the best choice. Each room in a building is usually supplied with cool air from one main unit through ducts.

Plug Type And Voltage

Check the electrical requirements of your new AC unit before you purchase it. AC units can be very dangerous if plugged into outlets with different plug types or voltages.


There are a few models that provide both heating and air conditioning. It is an excellent option when the weather is a little chilly but not cold enough to turn on your furnace.

Ability To Direct Airflow

It doesn’t matter how powerful your air conditioner is if it can’t direct the cold air where it’s needed. As a result, most models feature adjustable louvers that allow you to direct airflow horizontally or vertically. Consider your room layout when choosing an AC.


Basic air conditioners will have very simple controls, i.e., a temperature knob and a fan power knob. While these models are great for providing cold air into a room, they do not provide subtle climate control. Temperatures can be monitored and maintained more precisely with advanced models that feature digital controls.

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