What Is The Problem With My Furnace?

What Is The Problem With My Furnace?

When your furnace works properly, it can keep your home’s temperature comfortable. Even though your furnace is designed to last a long time, something may go wrong with it at some point. Most furnace problems are easily fixed.

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Most Common Furnace Problems

Your Furnace Is Not Producing Heat

When a furnace does not produce heat, it can be a cause for concern, but it is not a major problem in many cases. The fan setting on your thermostat might be causing your furnace to blow air but not produce heat.

As long as the fan setting is on, the furnace will blow air through the home, but it won’t warm it. The thermostat may not be set to heat mode, or the temperature setting may be too low, preventing your furnace from producing heat.

The Furnace Keeps Going On And Off

It is usually a sign of trouble when a furnace cycles short or turns on and off, often without reaching the set temperature. As part of a short cycle, the furnace only runs for a few minutes before it shuts off again. Airflow problems in the furnace can cause a short cycle, which causes the furnace to overheat. Safety switches built into furnaces will shut the system down if the temperature gets too high.

When the air filter becomes clogged, the system can overheat, causing the safety switch to be triggered. Your first step might be to replace the air filter if your furnace constantly turns on and off or only runs for a few minutes at a time, never reaching the desired temperature. Our technician for heating repair in Phoenix will need to take a closer look if replacing the air filter does not resolve the issue.

Your Furnace Doesn't Turn On

Your furnace will start and produce heat when it receives a signal from your thermostat if everything is working properly. It might be wrong if your furnace isn’t turning on and it’s getting chilly in your house. If there is an issue with the furnace, it might be a quick fix or a sign of a larger problem.

You might also have problems turning on your furnace if your thermostat isn’t working. When the thermostat is set too low, your furnace will not kick on until it reaches that lower temperature. A thermostat set to off or cool mode will not turn on the furnace.

If you have difficulty getting your furnace to work, check the thermostat and adjust it if necessary. You can check the thermostat and circuit breaker yourself to see if you can fix the problem, but there might be times when you need professional assistance.

To Conclude

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