What Happens To Your Air Conditioning Without Regular AC Maintenance?

What Happens To Your Air Conditioning Without Regular AC Maintenance?

A well-maintained air conditioner will extend the life of your cooling system. Additionally, it can lead to lower cooling expenses, fewer repairs, and fewer replacements because it improves the air conditioner’s efficiency.

On the other hand, a neglected AC can reduce cooling efficiency and lead to various other problems. For this reason, you should schedule AC maintenance at least once a year.

When Your Air Conditioner Isn’t Maintained, It Will Result In The Following:

  • A Lack Of Good Indoor Air Quality

Your AC system directly impacts air quality inside your home. Without maintenance, a system cannot filter air as effectively as it should. Dirt, dust, and allergens are, therefore, likely to accumulate in your home. To maintain your air conditioning system properly, regularly replace the air filter. Ideally, you should change your AC’s air filter every three months.

When you keep your air conditioner’s filter clean, you can better filter the air it distributes throughout your home and keep your family comfortable. People suffering from allergies, asthma, or other respiratory health conditions should take special care of their homes. A technician from our service department can also assist you with filters during an AC maintenance session.

  • Frequent Repairs

Another downside of your AC running 24/7 during summer is the additional wear and tear. There is a chance that the parts in the air conditioner will wear out faster than usual.

As a result, you will have to deal with more frequent air conditioning service Phoenix AZ. However, it is possible to reduce unnecessary wear and tear on your air conditioner and keep repairs and replacements to a minimum with regular AC maintenance.

  • High Electricity Bills

When your AC system isn’t maintained, it cannot perform at its best. As a result, the air conditioner will have to work harder to keep your home at a comfortable temperature.

When the AC system runs continuously, it consumes a lot of energy which can drive up your electric bills. Therefore, AC maintenance shouldn’t be viewed as a costly expense. In contrast, it is a wise investment that may even save you money over the summer.

  • There Is A Shorter Life Expectancy

Your AC unit needs regular maintenance and tune-ups like any other electrical appliance. However, with proper care, AC units can last for more than a decade and won’t lose their efficiency.

Still, AC units can cause many issues affecting your pockets without periodic tune-ups and neglected maintenance. Repair or replacement has an impact on the life of an AC unit.

How Does Regular Maintenance Help An AC Unit?

  • Maintains maximum efficiency of the unit.
  • You will extend the life of your air conditioner with regular tune-ups.
  • Regular maintenance of your team is required to keep your warranty.
  • The cost of repairing an air conditioner is higher than maintaining it.

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