What are the Other Types of HVAC Systems?

What are the Other Types of HVAC Systems?

Like any other home appliances, HVAC systems are significant machines that make our lives easy and convenient. It gives us warmth during winters and cool air during hot days. However, there is a large variety of HVAC systems available. 

To know which AC unit is suitable for your house, you should know about the different types of HVAC units. At GE Home Services LLC, we offer you one of the best air conditioning repair in Tempe, AZ.

Here are Some of the Kinds of HVAC Systems:


Heating and Air Conditioning Split System.

A split system HVAC system is the most common AC unit in the market. It consists of an outdoor AC unit with a compressor and condenser. An AC like this also has an indoor unit with a blower and an evaporator coil. 

Moreover, you can mount a split HVAC system on your walls or the corner of your house ceilings. Since they have a high-efficiency rate, these systems are always in demand. In addition, these HVAC systems do not have a condenser unit in the indoor unit and hence are quieter compared to other models. 

Functions they are equipped with: 

  • Heating and cooling
  • Air purifying
  • Dehumidifying 

Despite being extremely popular, split AC systems have their own set of disadvantages. One of the main cons of it is the price. Such systems are on the higher end of the budget. Additionally, installing a split AC is a tough job and needs to be carried out by a professional. 

Hybrid Heat Pump System

A hybrid heat pump system (also called a dual fuel system) contains an air source with a furnace. These are one of the efficient two-in-one systems that can provide you with utmost comfort during winters and summers. 

A hybrid heat pump system works efficiently according to the gas or oil in the system. One of the main benefits of such an HVAC system is that they are cost-effective. Therefore, hybrid heat pumps are the best choice if you want comfort without spending a lot of money. 

These systems are also beneficial for the environment as it reduces carbon footprint. However, a hybrid heat pump system can be disadvantageous as it requires high maintenance. 

It is essential to get your AC serviced frequently. Additionally, they are not necessary for areas like tropical zones where the climate is not very cold.  

As with the split AC system, this model also requires professional installation.  

If you want to install your new AC at your home, call us for our air conditioning installation near me.

Ductless Mini-Split

A ductless mini-split AC is one of the most versatile air conditioners available. You can use them at your houses and workplaces with ease. However, the majority of their use is in small enclosed spaces. So if you need an air conditioner for a smaller room, go for ductless mini-split AC. 

Moreover, these HVAC systems are the best choice for cooling individual rooms. They are flexible and come within a wide range of capacity. Unlike other HVAC units, you can install a ductless mini-split AC easily. Since they have no ducts, it guarantees less wastage of energy. 

However, ductless mini-split AC can be on the higher end of the budget. Moreover, you must install it with precision to maintain the air cycle in the room. If your HVAC unit is facing issues, call us for our AC repair in Phoenix.

Packaged Heat and Air Conditioning System

A packaged heat and air conditioning system has a single unit used for the entire house. The AC unit is often installed outside the house or on the roof. Air conditioners, like all HVAC systems, require regular maintenance and service. 

Such HVAC units are beneficial as it saves space in the house. Moreover, they are energy and cost-efficient. However, the unit is susceptible to much damage due to its outdoor location but does not ensure efficient heat pumping. If you haven’t booked an appointment already, contact us for heating repair in Phoenix.