Symptoms of AC Compressor Failure

Symptoms of AC Compressor Failure

One of the considerable useful things you can do this summer is to find out if your air conditioner is working correctly or not. Some AC issues are not that problematic, but if the AC compressor turns out to be malfunctioning, it will cost you more than expected.

The compressor is one of the significant parts of the air conditioning system. If it fails, you will face problems with the house’s cooling. We offer comprehensive and reliable services of air conditioning service Phoenix.

How Does An Air Conditioner Compressor Work?

The compressor of your air conditioner plays an essential role in the cooling process. It is a part that sends refrigerant to the unit to generate cold air.

The air conditioner needs a refrigerant to cool the warm air that your air conditioner takes in from your home. However, the refrigerant is a gas and requires mechanical help to cool the air.

This process is repeated, with all parts acting as a team to keep the house cool. If there is a problem with the air conditioner, it may be due to a malfunctioning condenser or compressor. It is recommended to Google and contact your air conditioning service near me for proper and timely maintenance.

Signs Of Compressor Failure

In many cases, air conditioner compressor problems are easy to find. Some of the signs that may help you know if the compressor is faulty include:

  • Weak Airflow

Low airflow is one of the early symptoms of AC compressor failure. However, if you feel your house isn’t cold enough, it cannot be easy to notice as it keeps cooling for the first few days.

  • Strange Noises

If the HVAC unit boots with a loud pop or grunt and you notice any vibrations accompanying it, you should be alerted immediately. It can signify some AC-related problems, including AC compressor failure.

  • Leaking Refrigerant 

The apparent signs of refrigerant leaks include poor airflow, swooshing, water around the HVAC unit, or evaporator coil icing. Refrigerant leaks can cause various problems, and it is advisable to repair them immediately.

  • Warm Air

Warm air from the air conditioner may also indicate a compressor problem. More precisely, there is a lack of refrigerant. It shows that the compressor has lost its cooling capacity and can no longer pump the refrigerant into the system.

If such is the problem, turn off the system and immediately consult a professional for help. Our top-notch service of AC replacement Phoenix will give you an incredible feeling of having the best comfort and HVAC quality.

  • Condenser Unit is Too Hot

Defective air conditioning compressors can cause significant problems with the condensing unit and lead to overheating. Sufficient ventilation should be maintained by installing this metal box with at least 3 feet of space on each side.


If any such issues occur, you should seek repair service from a trusted technician to resolve the problem. GE Home Services LLC contractors is a well-known HVAC company servicing businesses and homes and around Phoenix and Tempe.

Our licensed, certified technicians are available 24/7 to address air conditioning issues, not just compressors but AC installation Phoenix AZ. Book an air conditioning service or visit our website today! You can contact us at: 480-376-0755.

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