Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs Repair

Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs Repair

Arizona gets extremely arid and hot and because residents rely heavily on their AC units, they are prone to malfunction or work incorrectly during their lifetime and will require air conditioning service in Phoenix. The unit will not function as it should, and depending on the defect, it requires professional help.

Telltale Signs that the AC Needs Repair:


  • Strange Noises

If you hear screeching, grinding, or scraping while the air conditioner is on, contact a skilled HVAC specialist as soon as feasible.

  • Warm Air

It could be a sign of obstructed airflow in your AC system. To locate the problem, you’ll need someone knowledgeable about air conditioning service in Phoenix. 

  • The fan is Not Working

If the fan fails to do its job, the AC compressor may overheat, causing damage to the equipment. This may necessitate repairs.

  • A Malfunctioning Thermostat

If your air conditioner operates for short periods before switching off, or if it won’t turn on, the thermostat may malfunction.

  • High Indoor Humidity

Reducing humidity within your home is one of the functions of an air conditioner. The air conditioner may need to be repaired if you sense some moisture inside your home while it is running.

  • Awful Odors

A strong odor inside the unit could suggest a burned-out wire, while a musty odor could indicate mold inside the unit or the ductwork. A specialist must diagnose this condition.

  • Rapid Cycling

If you see your air conditioner cycling more frequently than usual, you may require AC repair in Tempe, AZ, or a replacement. 

  • Tripped Breakers

Tripped breakers affect the performance of your air conditioner, but they can also pose a fire risk, particularly if you smell something burning.

  • Frequent Repairs

If your air conditioner has required service at least 4-5 times in a few months, it may be time to replace it.

  • Low Refrigerant Levels

A refrigerant is used in the cooling process of central air conditioners. However, a malfunctioning air conditioner or low levels indicate that your system is leaking. 

  • Ice in the System

Your AC is ready to maintain you cool. If you find ice forming on the parts, you should call a professional for AC repair in Tempe, AZ.

  • Water Leaks

A pool of water or an active leak around your air conditioner is an indication that the refrigerant isn’t working correctly.

  • High Electric Bill

If you are sharing a sudden spike in your electric bill, it may be time to repair your HVAC. Look for air conditioning repair near me and take professional help.

  • Weak Air Current

Poor airflow usually suggests a problem with the compressor or air ducts, which your HVAC technician should investigate.

  • The system’s Age

If your air conditioning unit is at least ten years old, be grateful it has survived this begin and long looking for a replacement. Air conditioners rarely live longer than ten years.

Regular care and maintenance are required to ensure that your air conditioning machine runs smoothly and efficiently. GE Home Services, LLC will identify the root of the issue and suggest a solution to keep your household cool and comfortable throughout the season. If you are looking for air conditioning repair near me, contact us at 480-376-0755 or drop us a mail here.