How To Keep Your Air Conditioner Running Smoothly

How To Keep Your Air Conditioner Running Smoothly

Air conditioning systems are complicated machines that work day and night to make interiors comfortable from unbearable heat temperatures.

Unfortunately, excessive working can degrade your AC system from functioning efficiently and may increase the chances of developing repair issues. 

If you need to spend your summers without worrying about AC issues, GE Home Services LLC, air conditioning service Tempe AZ, has prepared a maintenance 101 list to keep your system fit and running.

Tips For Maintaining An Air Conditioning System

Here are some AC maintenance tips that you should include to increase and maintain the running efficiency of the AC system:

  • Clean The Outdoor AC Unit Surroundings

Keep the AC outdoor unit surroundings clean and tidy. Clean the foliage, remove the wild plants and trim the bushes growing near the AC unit.

  • Replace The Air Filter After Every Three Months

The second thing on the list is the replacement of the air filter before starting the summer season. The air filter is essential in filtering air from particulate and allergen particles.

The air filter’s ability to filter the air decreases as the collected dust particles block the pathway. The AC system does not get enough quantity of air to process and perform its function.

  • Schedule Maintenance Services

Maintenance services are necessary to ensure that your AC system remains fit and running. But, unfortunately, a technician can only understand what’s happening inside the air conditioning system.

So, the AC repair Tempe AZ, will quickly check the system and look for issues that can become a problem in the future.

  • Prepare Your AC System For Winter

After the summer, perform preventive services to prevent the winters from damaging the AC unit. For example, cover the outdoor unit with an insulation cover like plastic to protect the AC system from winds and heavy rain.

Cover the pipes with installation because temperature changes can affect the strength of the pipes. Clean all the components before shutting down the equipment.

  • Reduce The Usage Of The AC System

Cutting down the AC usage is another effective way to maintain your AC system. You can use a ceiling fan and an air conditioning system to maintain and AC tune up Phoenix the lower temperature. After using the AC for two hours, switch on the fan for effective cooling.

What Happens In The Maintenance Services?

When you call the technician for annual maintenance services, here’s what they will do:

  • Check the air conditioning system’s compressor for issues.
  • Clean the evaporator and condenser coils and enhance their working.
  • Look at all the electrical connections for faults and fix them.
  • Examine the drainage system for leakage or blockage issues.
  • Oil the mechanical components like the belt, motor, and fan for smooth functioning.
  • Check the refrigerant amount and refill it if the technician feels the need.
  • Remove the debris from the outdoor unit.


Before the issue starts creating havoc in your house, it is better to call the AC service near me to fix them permanently. GE Home Services LLC will help you fix your air conditioning system at affordable rates. Contact us today at (480)-376-0755.

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