How to Keep Your AC in Best Condition During the Summer

How to Keep Your AC in Best Condition During the Summer

A broken down air conditioner in the peak heat of the summer can be very inconvenient. Maintaining your air conditioner throughout the year to guarantee you have a comfortable, cool home to return to is vital to keeping it in good condition year after year. If you find yourself with a faulty AC, don’t delay it and search for AC service near me.

Tips for Keeping AC in Good Working Order:


  • Filters Should be Cleaned.

Air filters maintain the airflow free of dust and grime. However, they become blocked quickly, usually after 2-3 months. They should be cleaned regularly, especially before summer.

  • Keep Your Room Shady.

Close the windows and draw the curtains to keep sunlight out of the room. UV rays are carried by sunlight, and if they enter the room. Your air conditioner will have to pump a lot of cool air, which will heat the air conditioner. When the air conditioner is turned on, pull the curtains up.

  • Use Ceiling Fans in Addition to the AC

When you turn on your ceiling fan and the air conditioner, the fan circulates the air and distributes it across the room. This allows to extend the life of your air conditioner by cooling the air faster and requiring less power from your air conditioner.

  • Invest in a Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat can detect the optimal temperature for your space and adjust the air conditioning accordingly. If your air conditioner isn’t automatically programmable, set the thermostat to 24 to 26 degrees celsius.

  • Clean the Air Conditioning Vents

If these vents are blocked with dust and dirt, airflow will be restricted, but dirt particles will also be expelled into your room. Inhaling them by accident can result in an allergic reaction and other health issues. Clean the vents every 3-4 months or search for air conditioning service near me.

  • Keep the Doors and Windows Closed.

Keeping the doors and windows closed while using the AC stops the outside, warm air from entering the room and maintains the room cool.

  • Check for Any Leaks.

If there is a leak in any part of the air conditioner, it will not function as efficiently as it should, consuming more energy and not cooling as effectively as possible. Long-term use in such conditions can cause an air conditioner to fail. 

  • Carry Out Routine Maintenance.

The evaporator coil, located behind the air filters, also collects dirt. It’s not as simple to clean as the air filters, and cleaning the evaporator coil without destroying its fins requires specialized gear. 

  • Set the Right Temperature

People frequently turn on the air conditioner and set it to the lowest temperature setting to get relief from the heat as fast as possible. It might shorten its lifespan, resulting in excessive energy use, and you will need air conditioning service near me sooner than expected. 

  • Ensure There is Enough Space for Your AC

Before searching for an air conditioning installation near me, ensure that the surrounding area is clear so that air can shift freely throughout the room without being obstructed. Both the indoor and outdoor units must be set up in a large space.  

Follow these AC maintenance suggestions and maintain your air conditioner in good working order. Search for ‘air conditioning installation near me’ and contact GE Home Services at 480-376-0755 or drop us a mail here.