How to Correct an Air Conditioner Refrigerant Leak at Home

How to Correct an Air Conditioner Refrigerant Leak at Home

An AC refrigerant leak is pretty common but not always obvious. Suppose the refrigerant levels of your AC unit decrease, and the efficiency of your AC unit can be highly affected.

During summers, it can get uncomfortable if the AC isn’t performing at its peak efficiency. Bearing the sweltering heat of Arizona without a well-functioning AC can be a problem for you and your family.

Certain health-related problems also come into play with discomfort if the refrigerant leak is not resolved immediately. You can hire a technician for an AC service near you.

What Does the Refrigerant do in an AC Unit?

The refrigerant is a coolant chemical compound used in the compressor of the AC system to be distributed to different components. The compressor moves the refrigerant to the condenser to remove the heat from the air. The cold is distributed in the room. The refrigerant is an important component of the AC system. If there is a leak in the refrigerant, it needs to be fixed immediately.

What Causes the Refrigerant to Leak?

You need to look out for many reasons to prevent a refrigerant leak. The AC system has metal parts that can corrode with time, and this can cause cracks and holes in some parts of the AC, which could result in a refrigerant leak. Improper installation and factory defects can also cause a decrease in refrigerant levels. Over time the parts of an AC system can wear down, allowing the refrigerant to leak.

With a drop in the refrigerant levels, the efficiency of your AC unit can be affected. Proper refrigerant levels need to be maintained as refrigerant is the most important part of the AC.

How to Fix an AC Refrigerant Leak?

Although it may not be the considerable cost-efficient repair to create based on the age of the unit, fixing a leaking AC refrigerant can buy you some additional time to get the money required to have a new one installed. Google ‘air conditioning service near me’ for assistance.

To fix an AC refrigerant leak, you must first determine the type of refrigerant. This is extremely important because refilling the wrong refrigerant can ruin the compressor. If your AC was manufactured before 2010, it is most likely using R22, the old refrigerant. If it is newer than 2010, it mostly uses R410-A refrigerant.

Next, you need to locate the refrigerant leak. The indoor evaporator coil is the most common place for refrigerant leaks in an air conditioner. Most refrigerant leaks are small pinhole-sized leaks and can be detected by a refrigerant sniffer. Another common location is in the actual refrigerant lines themselves.

Once you have determined where the refrigerant leak is, you need to replace the leaking parts rather than opting for an AC replacement in Phoenix and replacing the unit altogether. You need to call a technician to assist you with this rather than doing it alone, no matter how much experience you have.


A leaking seal is an excellent option if you want something temporary. A leak sealer can last several years if the leak is small enough. You can call the technicians at GE Home Services at 480-376-0755 to schedule a repair service.