Considerations While Installing A Heat Pump in An Existing House

Considerations While Installing A Heat Pump in An Existing House

Heat Pump installation: People have been using heat pumps for years to warm their houses. A heat pump has a dual capacity as it can move the heat out of your home when you want it to cool the inside space. Also, it can circulate the heat inside your home to keep your home warm. Thus, heat pumps heat in your home in Winters as well as works as an air conditioner in summer.

It has been noticed that many people installed a heat pump in their existing homes. If you are also planning a heat pump installation Phoenix in your already built home, there is no point worrying about anything. Because heat pumps can be installed in any home, you need to focus on certain significant factors. It would be best to discuss all the queries with an engineer whenever you plan a heat pump installation in your existing home.

The Points to be Considered Before A Heat Pump Installation

  • Size of The Heat Pump:

Whenever you think about a heat pump installation Phoenix call the contractor at your place to see the size of your home, or you should tell them the exact measurement of it. It will guide your HVAC contractor to choose the perfect size of a heat pump for your home. A perfect-sized heat pump will work efficiently, whereas a wrong-sized heat pump will create issues. Such as, a smaller one will struggle to maintain the temperature of your home, while a too-large heat pump will consume excessive energy. 

  • The Efficiency of The Existing Source in Your Home:

It is crucial to consider whether your heat pump works with the heating source already installed. To avoid this situation, you should call heating services Tempe AZ, to schedule a tune-up. By this, your HVAC experts will upgrade the insulation of your home and will fix your air leakage, if any present. 

  • Type of The Heat Pump:

There are two basic types of heat pumps. One is the ground source, and another is the air source. The ground source heat pumps are also known as geothermal heat pumps. These heat pumps need piping placed into the ground, and there can be varieties of piping loops, depending upon the available land. The types of loops are vertical loop or horizontal loop. 

The benefit of having a ground source heat pump is that the ground is constant, which helps maintain your home’s temperature efficiently throughout the year. On the other hand, the air source heat pumps use the air outside your home to heat. Therefore, it is very convenient for an HVAC contractor to plan for an air source furnace repair in Tempe AZ. If you want an efficient heating source, select geothermal heat pumps. 

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