The Most Common Furnace Problems And How To Fix Them

The Most Common Furnace Problems And How To Fix Them

A black square is shown in this image.Furnace Repair: Although winters in Tempe are not known to be particularly chilly, you still deserve a warm and cozy ambiance in your home during the winter months. This is only possible when all is going well with your home furnace. Like all electrical appliances, the furnace is also prone to internal defects and malfunctioning which may interfere with your comfort.

Fortunately, in most cases, it is easy to fix the furnace. There are some minor issues that homeowners can troubleshoot themselves. If not, a good technician can easily look up what is causing the error and repair it.

Before we delve into the topic of furnace repair in Tempe AZ, let’s first discuss briefly a furnace and its common problems.

What is a Furnace?

To put it simply, a furnace is a heating unit in a central heating system used to heat the air inside homes and commercial complexes. If you are looking for furnace repair Phoenix then you can contact GE Home Services LLC. We offer our services with proper skills and experience.

Common Furnace Problems

Recognizing the issue with your furnace helps in knowing exactly what to do and whether it can be handled without professional help.

Some Common Furnace Problems have been Mentioned as Follows:

  • The Furnace Doesn’t Generate Heat:

This happens when the furnace is blowing air but the air isn’t hot. The fan setting on your thermostat can be the culprit. Check if the fan setting is on. If it is, the air blowing from the furnace won’t be hot.

Accumulation of dust in the air filter is another cause. If no problem in the thermostat or air filter is detected, then chances are that the pilot light is defective. That will warrant calling a technician.

  • The Furnace Turns ON and OFF Frequently

The absence of airflow in a furnace can cause the problem of overheating which in turn leads to short cycling. Short cycling is the turning off of the furnace after it has run for a few minutes. The built-in safety switches in your furnace automatically shut it down when the temperature is too high.

The lack of airflow can be caused by a congested air filter. If your furnace keeps turning on and off, it is advised to check and replace the air filter. If that doesn’t solve the problem, call a technician.

  • The Furnace Doesn’t Automatically Turn ON

This might be due to the following issues:

  1. Circuit Breaker is turned off
  2. Low thermostat temperature
  3. Congested air filter
  4. Defective ignition
  5. Lack of fuel
  • Noisy Furnace:

Different noises in the furnace can signal various issues. If it makes a rattling or knocking noise, there’s a possibility of one of the components getting loose that needs to be tightened. Fuel left in the chamber after the unit has shut down will produce a loud rumbling noise. In all cases, you should turn off the furnace and contact a technician.

  • The Furnace Leaks:

Leaks due to condensation also warrant a visit from a technician.

Troubleshooting Furnace Issues

Often the issues with your furnace can be so minor that they can be handled without professional help.

If the furnace is having trouble turning on or is not producing heat, you can try the following things:

  •  Examine the circuit breaker: If it is in the OFF position, try switching it ON.
  • Check the thermostat settings: Ensure that the thermostat is set to a ‘heat’ setting and the fan setting is off.
  • Replace air filter: A clogged air filter will hinder a furnace’s working. Replace it regularly.
  • Inspect the vents and registers: Sometimes the vents and registers get accidentally closed. Open up the vents if the warm air from the furnace doesn’t reach you.

When to Call a Technician

If the power is on, the thermostat is working, and the air filter is not clogged, there must be some other issue that needs to be handled by a technician. The absence of fuel can also cause the furnace to not work. In that case, a technician can refill the tank so that your furnace is functional again.

It is strongly advised that you don’t try to repair the furnace on your own. It might be extremely dangerous to do so.

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