Best 10 Ways to Improve the Efficiency of Your Air Conditioner

Best 10 Ways to Improve the Efficiency of Your Air Conditioner

Air conditioning system efficiency is optimum when its components are perfectly working. Dust, debris, gaps in the pipes, and other such issues hinder the cooling process and hamper the service quality.  

There is only one way if you want a reasonable and effective solution that helps in increasing AC system efficiency. Bi-annual maintenance services will keep your system protected from various repairs. 

1. Which Parts Affect the AC System Efficiency?


AC repair experts in Phoenix will explain what components play a vital part in contributing to efficiency: 

  • Dusty and dirty air filters, coils, vents, and registers restrict the airflow. 
  • The compressor is the vital component of an AC system that helps in compressing the refrigerant gas to lower its temperature. 
  • If you have a duct system to distribute the air to various corners, the duct system affects the quality as processed air may leak from the duct pipe into the atmosphere.  
  • An evaporator absorbs the heat, and the condenser removes the heat from the air. The blower fans discard the heat in the outside environment. 
  • Refrigerant fluid is the cooling element that goes under transformation to transfer the heat from inside to outside. 

2.How to Increase the AC System’s Efficiency?


You can increase the efficiency with the help of some tricks that GE Home Services AC repair in Phoenix experts have listed down here: 

  • Keep the curtains down and close the windows and door in the afternoon to keep the outer air and sunlight away from increasing the inside temperature.
  • Use fans alongside the AC system to quickly circulate the freezing air to every corner. 
  • Set the thermostat temperature around 78 Fahrenheit for optimum cooling. Setting the temperature to extreme ends might increase the workload on the compressor. 
  • Clean the air filters and outdoor unit weekly to remove the debris. 
  • Keep all the heating appliances away from the thermostat. 
  • Check the condensate drains and pans for any leakage or malfunctioning signs. 
  • Be aware of the malfunctioning signs and call the AC repairs experts in Phoenix, AZ, to prevent further damage. 
  • When going outside, switch off the AC system to save energy and give a little rest to the AC system. 
  • Invest in a programmable thermostat that will keep a tab on all the AC activities and alert you if something goes wrong.  



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