8 Signs You Need a New Air Conditioning Unit

8 Signs You Need a New Air Conditioning Unit

When it comes to the convenience of your home, you want to ensure you don’t have to go a single day without the cool breeze of your AC unit. Many red flags indicate it’s time to switch out your old AC system for a new model and opt for AC installation in Phoenix, AZ.

Eight Warning Signs to Look For:

Life Expectancy

Most air conditioners are engineered to last for 10 to 15 years. You can check the date on your AC unit; if it’s older, you need to consider upgrading to a newer model. You can call an air conditioning service near you to help you select the best AC model suited for your house.

Less Airflow

Suppose the airflow from your AC unit seems a bit off. It may suggest a problem with your AC unit. This can be caused due to a broken compressor or other potential causes. To fix this issue, you can call an HVAC repair service in Tempe, AZ. But if frequent repairs don’t fix the problem, you must consider getting a replacement.

Thermostat Issue

The thermostat controls the temperature of the AC. You can set the thermostat setting at your desired temperature, but if your AC doesn’t respond to the thermostat and your preferred temperature setting is not reached, you need to replace the AC unit with a better model.

Frequent Repairs

You need to maintain your AC regularly, so it doesn’t give you any problems. But if you still need to call an HVAC repair service in Tempe, AZ, to fix your AC frequently, you need to switch the old unit with a new one. It may seem costly initially, but you will save a lot on repairs.

Strange Sounds

If you notice any strange sound reaching from your AC unit, you need to get it checked by a trained technician. Rattling and rumbling sounds from the AC can be alarming and must be fixed immediately before it becomes catastrophic. If the problem persists, it’s logical to change your AC unit.

Unpleasant Smell

The mold and mildew can sometimes cause an unpleasant smell from the AC. Dirt and dust accumulated in the ducts can harm the people in the house. If the problem continues even after maintenance, you must consider opting for an AC replacement.

High Utility Bills

If you notice your energy bills increasing even though the use of your AC is the same as last year, you need to replace the AC unit with a newer and more energy-efficient model. With time the AC can wear down and takes longer to cool a room, driving up the temperature.


Leakage can be caused due to damaged ducts or refrigerant leaks. This can damage the AC unit and the furniture and walls around it. If the problem persists after a few repair services, you must invest in a new AC rather than spending on repairs.


Getting a new AC may not seem that important initially, but if your AC unit is too old and needs constant repairs, it’s better to replace it with a new model. You can call GE Home Services at 480-376-0755 to book an appointment.