8 Easy Furnace Maintenance Tips You Can Use Right Now

8 Easy Furnace Maintenance Tips You Can Use Right Now

Your furnace should be inspected before winter hits to stay efficient and reliable. Performing annual fall maintenance and furnace repair Phoenix can save you time and money by ensuring your furnace operates safely, efficiently, and according to manufacturer specifications. 

Maintaining Your Furnace Is Easy If You Follow These Tips

Change Your Air Filter

Maintaining the efficiency of your heating or air conditioning system is as simple as regularly changing your furnace filter. However, a dirty air filter can impede the airflow of your heating system, making your blower units work harder to move the air necessary to heat your home. Our reliable Phoenix furnace repair technician can help you solve your queries.

Become Familiar With Your System

It is important to understand the kind of heating system that provides heat to your home and how to maintain that system. Some systems, like radiant floor heating, require regular inspections for reliable and efficient operation. If you require emergency furnace repair in Phoenix, contact GE Home Services.

Make Sure The Furnace's Safety Switch is Working

When the furnace door is removed, the safety switch on all furnaces is activated. It is always possible that the furnace was not re-activated when you or someone else performed maintenance. You should ensure the furnace door is closed to avoid the switch turning back on.

Clean and Declutter The Area Around The Furnace

Keep the area around the furnace clean and clutter-free. Keep anything flammable away from your furnace, as active flames are inside. Furthermore, a dirty, dusty basement could also pose a hazard since dust can clog the furnace and cause it to malfunction.

Clean Drainage Tube

When you conduct a natural gas or propane furnace, some water will be produced as a by-product. Although some moisture is converted to steam, there will also be some water that drains into a drip pan.

Maintain a clean and clear drainage tube. Water that backs up your flame sensor may damage it. White vinegar can also reduce residuals after cleaning the tube with compressed air. Contact GE Home Services furnace repair Tempe AZif something goes wrong.

Keep Vents Clean

Having your ducts professionally cleaned every few years is a good idea, particularly if you have pets. Cleaning your ducts is a great way to remove dust and dander and check for leaks or mold growth.

Using your vacuum attachment, remove the covers to your air vents and vacuum them thoroughly once a year. Doing so will remove excess dirt and dust and improve indoor air quality.

Inspect The Thermostat Wires

Start your furnace maintenance by giving the furnace wires a slight pull to ensure they are tight and well-fitted after you turn off the power and remove the furnace doors. Then, get in touch with GE Home Services for professional heating repair Phoenix.

Maintain The Furnace With The Help Of A Professional

Properly maintaining your home’s furnace may be difficult if you don’t have a technical background. Hiring GE Home Services for furnace repair in Tempe, AZ, is best if you are uncomfortable with these tasks.

Well-maintained furnaces produce more heat while consuming less energy and provide an even, warm temperature in your home. As part of the maintenance, the technician will ensure that your furnace is set up and adjusted appropriately for the needs of your home. Regular furnace cleaning is necessary for some systems, such as oil furnaces.

Yearly preventative maintenance by our qualified HVAC technician for heating repair in Phoenix can identify problems caused by thermal stress, movement, or dust.

For more information on your furnace, you can refer to its manual. It is essential to contact a reputable company for heating services Tempe AZ, such as GE Home Services. We always aspire to offer you the best cost-effective and quality service. For more information, you can reach us at (480) 376-0755.