6 Signs That You Should Replace Your Heating System

6 Signs That You Should Replace Your Heating System

If your heating system is over 15 years old, it may be time to start considering a replacement. A new heating system can improve your home’s comfort level and energy efficiency. Today’s systems are also much more advanced than older models.

GE Home Services provides comprehensive heating replacement services in Phoenix, AZ. Our experienced technicians can help you select the right system for your home and budget and ensure that it is correctly installed so that you can start enjoying the benefits as soon as possible.

Here are signs that it may be time to replace your heating system:

  1. Increased energy bills
    Heating systems lose efficiency over time, so an older system is likely to use more energy than a newer one to produce the same amount of heat. If you notice your energy bills increasing for no apparent reason, it could be time to replace your heating system.
  2. Uneven heating
    Another sign that your heating system may need to be replaced is if you notice that your home is becoming difficult to keep comfortable. If certain rooms are always too hot or too cold, it could be a sign that your system is no longer able to distribute heat evenly throughout your home. This problem can often be corrected with a new heating system.
  3. Hearing strange noises
    If you hear strange noises like banging, rattling, or clicking coming from your heating system, it’s time to have one of our professionals take a look. These noises could signal that something is wrong with the system and, if left unchecked, could lead to even more severe problems. You can contact our technicians for heating replacement or repair in Phoenix, AZ.
  4. Frequent repairs
    If you find yourself having to repair your heating system regularly, it may be more cost-effective in the long run to replace it. A new system will likely be more reliable and require less maintenance than an older one.
  5. Yellow pilot light
    If you have a gas heating system, you should notice if the color of your pilot light starts to change. A yellow pilot light indicates that your system is not burning fuel as efficiently as it should be, and this problem will only worsen over time. If you are experiencing this issue, contact our heating professionals for the replacement of your heating system.

If you notice any of these signs or think it might be time to replace your heating system, call GE Home Services today for heating replacement in Phoenix, AZ, and our experienced technicians can help you choose the right system for your home. They will be happy to come to your home, inspect your system, and help you decide if a replacement is the best option for you.

We offer various financing options to make replacement affordable and will even take care of the installation process for you. We also provide heating repair and HVAC repair in Tempe, AZ. Contact us today at (480) 376-0755 to schedule a consultation.