5 Steps Involved In Cleaning Your Air Filters

5 Steps Involved In Cleaning Your Air Filters

Air filters are an extremely important part of your air conditioner. Without the air filters, you will face various problems, ranging from poor cooling efficiency to breathing issues. Maintaining your air filters is as necessary as maintaining your air conditioner.

Cleaning air filters is not a professional task, and you can easily do it yourself. However, you should contact a professional technician who provides AC repair services near me to clean the filters professionally to ensure there is no problem with them.

Clean Your Air Filters Easily


Air filters maintain indoor air quality levels of your home and ensure a smooth pathway for the air to move within and from the system. With time, dust and dirt settle on its surface, hindering its working process. As the owner, you should clean your air filters properly for an efficient system.

You do not need to read a lengthy manual to understand how to clean your air filters. A few steps are what you need to thoroughly clean the filters without expensive gadgets and equipment:

  • Remove the screws or sliding clips that hold the frame to the air grille, and ensure the grille does not swing downwards while undoing it.
  • Remove the filter from the frame and use a vacuum to dust it off. 
  • Use warm water to clean the filters for a thorough cleaning.
  • Using a hairdryer to dry the wet air filters may harm the fine wires in the filters. Instead, keep them outside to dry in the sun for the best results.
  • Once the air filters are completely dry and clean, slide them back into the frame and tighten the screws or sliding clips to start using them again.

Benefits of Maintaining Your Air Filters


Cleaning your air filters regularly provides you with various benefits. You can know about them in detail through a professional technician who provides HVAC repair services in Tempe, AZ. Here are a few main benefits that you will notice instantly after cleaning your air filters:

  • Clean air filters ensure high indoor air quality levels in your home as they trap bacteria, allergens, dust, and dirt more effectively.
  • There will be a smooth pathway for air to flow from the system to your home, so your system does not have to work hard to push the air.
  • Clean air filters decrease wear and tear damage to the system, enhancing its overall lifespan expectancy.

Frequency of Cleaning Your Air Filters


There is no specified answer to the question of how many times you should clean your air filters. This answer depends on several factors and varies from home to home:

  • If the filters are new, they do not need frequent cleaning as they are efficient, but old filters get dirty quickly.
  • If you use your air conditioner extensively and for more hours than average, the filters will get dirty fast, so you should clean them once a week.
  • If you have pets, your filters will catch their fur, leading to quicker clogging than usual.

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