5 Significant Causes Of Furnace Breakdowns

5 Significant Causes Of Furnace Breakdowns

Furnace Repair Phoenix: Waking up to a broken furnace in the middle of a frosty night can be your worst nightmare. We do not pay much attention to furnaces throughout the year except during the wintertime. Your furnace may encounter some damages that decrease its efficiency. To avoid a complete breakdown, make sure to get your furnace is frequently maintained and repaired. If you notice your furnace breaking down, call a professional immediately.

Causes of Furnace Breakdowns:

  • Broken Thermostat:

    Your furnace may encounter a broken thermostat if continuously used for long hours. This causes your furnace to trigger too often or sometimes not trigger at all. Watch out for this and get it repaired as soon as possible because a broken thermostat can lead to further problems. At GE Home Services LLC, We offer AC repair Phoenix at an unbeatable cost. Our main motive only is customer satisfaction.

  • Fuel Supply Issues:

    Most furnaces these days are either electric or operated using natural gas. Fuel supply issues can malfunction the way your furnace is operating. Poor wiring issues cause most of the furnaces to break down. If you have any problem with your gas line, and heat pump installation Phoenix contact a professional immediately. Natural gas is hazardous; make sure you get it fixed immediately.

  • Dirty or Clogged Filters:

    Filters are designed to collect dirt over time. After a period, they wear out. If your filters aren’t working properly or are too clogged, this causes the furnace to work extra hard to supply enough heat for your house. Thus, this leads to the breakdown of your furnace system. To avoid this, get your furnaces’ filters frequently replaced for it to run smoothly.

  • Electrical Ignition Failure:

    The ignition system in your furnace heater works as a lighter to the fuel to heat your home. If your ignition system is malfunctioning, then your furnace will not be able to emit heat energy. This makes the furnace inoperable.

  • Blow Motor Failure:

    The blower motor in your furnace is responsible for oscillating the air around your room. If this component fails, no warm air will be distributed across your place. The blower can fail from getting clogged or from overutilization.

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