5 Most Common Furnace Problems

5 Most Common Furnace Problems

A black square is shown in this image.US winters hit quite hard. People look forward to heating furnaces for comfort and warmth. Any kind of machinery needs proper maintenance and has a certain life span.

So, here we are to share some very common problems that you might come across if you own a residential or commercial furnace. These problems can be solved with your attention and care. GE Home Services provides furnace and heating services Tempe AZ.

Ignorance of Service and Maintenance

In the winter season, the furnace is used at full swing, challenging its maximum capacity. Sometimes it works day and night. Hence, it demands regular maintenance. Due to lack of service attention, the furnace can break down completely. A technical malfunction can also interrupt your warm comfort. Maintenance is neglected due to many reasons, but the right steps can protect your pocket from paying for big losses. The basic maintenance steps can be performed by you. However, there are some proper professional furnace maintenance steps that require expert handling. These steps are:

  • A thorough physical inspection of the furnace and heating unit.
  • Top Cleaning the vents and ducts.
  • Cleaning of fans and checking if the blades are fine.
  • Going through every electrical component and tightening loose ones.
  • Tuning up of furnace unit.
  • Best Checking the exhaust pipe.
  • Checking of blower belt for cuts or any kind of damage.

Cleaning Dirty or Clogged Filters

The lack of maintenance can accumulate unhealthy air around your house. Usually, filters have to be replaced in two to three months, the new filters or filter service allows the clean flow of air around the house.

  • Complete failure of the pilot unit of your heating system.
  • Increase in the level of indoor pollution. The dust in bad air can cause multiple respiratory issues.
  • Lack of heating around your home space or workspace.
  • Failure of blowers.

Issues with the Thermostat

The role of a thermostat is to adjust the indoor temperature according to climatic conditions. It senses the internal temperature and according to that, switches the compressor on or off. As per the input in the thermostat, it sends a pulse to turn the furnace on/off. Given below is a list of issues that a thermostat may have, which can affect your furnace repair in Tempe AZ

  • Loose electrical components or faults in the wiring.
  • Not recording the right indoor temperature
  • Composition of debris in the thermostat unit.
  • Difference between the capacity and functioning of the furnace and thermostat unit.
  • Failure of the unit causes uneven indoor temperature.

There can be many such furnace problems like unwanted sound, uneven on/off cycle, etc. For accurate, timely heating and air conditioning service near me, contact GE Home Services LLC. The certified professionals inspect your furnace and provide the best solution for comfort all throughout the season. The professionals can be contacted at (480) 376-0755. We’ve known our trustworthy services. We also offer heating services Tempe AZ, and heating installation Tempe AZ.