13 Common Reason Why Furnace Blows Cold Air

13 Common Reason Why Furnace Blows Cold Air

In Phoenix, we can not imagine the Winters without a furnace. We all want an efficiently running heating unit to prepare a comfortable environment for our family. To maintain the furnace, you need to clean its parts and schedule regular tune-ups by calling your heating installation in Tempe, AZ. 

However, sometimes your furnace can face some issues that lead to its abnormal functioning. For example, your furnace starts showing you some abnormal signs in such a situation, like blowing cold air. This condition will interrupt your comfort and business. It can also cause frozen pipes and leakage in them. To get the best solution to this problem from your HVAC contractor, you must know the leading causes of blowing cold air. 

13 Common Causes Why The Furnace is Blowing Cold Air in Your Home

  1. Incorrect thermostat settings can lead your furnace to blow cold air. For example, if someone switches the thermostat from Auto to ON. This setting will let the fan run while producing heat. To correct this, you only need to change the setting of the thermostat, no need to plan any expensive furnace repair Phoenix. 
  2. If the thermostat is not compatible with your furnace, it will lead to blowing cold air from your furnace. 
  3. If you are using an oil furnace, it is mandatory to have a tank full of oil. Otherwise, the furnace will keep circulating cold air without fuel.
  4. If the furnace’s air filter is not clean, it can cause overheating. It will shut the blower off and end up blowing cold air. 
  5. our furnace can blow cold air if you have installed a new furnace with an electronic control panel and cannot reset the system. Call your HVAC repair Tempe AZ to solve this glitch. 
  6. An exhausted pilot light can also lead to the blowing of cold air from your furnace. You can correct it if you can relight it yourself or call your HVAC professionals. 
  7. If your furnace is blowing cold air, even after relighting the pilot light, then the reason behind this condition can be a faulty thermocouple. Contact for a furnace repair Phoenix and AC repair Phoenix to fix or replace it.
  8. You must check and clean the gas valves. Any damage to the gas valve can also lead to this condition. 
  9. The dirty gas burner can cause the cold temperature of your home. The dirt will impact the ignition and formation of heat.
  10. If a clog or dirt on your air filter, it will cause trouble igniting and heating. Consequently, your furnace will start blowing cold air.  
  11. A furnace with electronic ignition can also cause cold air circulation in your home. To resolve the issue, call your HVAC experts.
  12. When your furnace starts blowing cold air, check your flame sensor. A damaged one will cause an interruption in burning the fuel.
  13. The cold temperature of your home can be due to the escape of heat from the leaking ducts.

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