12 Types of Home Heating Systems

12 Types of Home Heating Systems

Numerous types of heating systems are available in the market, so it is essential to have information about all the heating systems to buy the perfect one per your requirement. Our heating services Tempe AZ, have heating systems that will play an integral role in maintaining comfort during winter.

Different Heating Systems That You Can Invest In This Year!

According to our furnace repair Phoenix, here are some heating system options that you can invest in:


It is one of the forced air distribution heating systems and circulates the warm air with the help of a blower fan and a network of ducts. These systems are highly-efficient, but it is mandatory to maintain them annually to avoid disasters like carbon monoxide leakage, fires, or explosions.


A boiler is a central heating system that uses steam or water to keep the environment warm and comfortable. A boiler is considered best for providing zoned heating in residence. However, it is expensive to install and maintain a boiler.

Heat Pump

Heat pump systems are energy-efficient and can work throughout the year. They help save energy and money as it uses a little electricity to transfer the air. An indoor air handler blows the warm air and provides proper insulation.

In-Floor Radiant

An in-floor radiant system might be a perfect choice if you want a heating system that provides even heating. These systems use plastic pipes through which warm water flows under the wooden floor and works quietly. These systems are highly efficient.

Electric Resistance

According to heating repair Phoenix, when your primary and central heating system is insufficient to protect from the cold, then electric resistance will help you. In addition, these systems are inexpensive to install, easy maintenance and portable, though they might lead to increased electricity bills.

Other Types Of Heating Systems

  • Baseboard heaters are modern form radiant heaters that are also called hydronic systems.
  • An electric space heater is one of the best options for regions where the winters are not severe.
  • Active solar heating is an environmentally friendly option as it uses solar energy to warm the interiors.
  • Hybrid heating systems use the power of a gas furnace to deliver efficient services like that of a heat pump.
  • A gravity air furnace is a modern version of a traditional furnace. It does not blow the air through the fan but allows the warm air to rise and the cool air to sink.
  • Fireplaces are an exciting option if you want to enhance the interior decor, and they can be used as a supplement for heating in winter.
  • Ductless mini-splits will keep indoors warm, as per your preference in winter.

To Conclude,

Our furnace repair experts in Phoenix suggest It is essential to purchasing the right heating system to reduce problems in your household. It is best to ask our heating experts to find the perfect HVAC system for your home.

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