11 Ways to Improve HVAC Energy Efficiency

11 Ways to Improve HVAC Energy Efficiency

When the humid summer season approaches, homeowners turn to their air conditioning devices. Once the air conditioning stops functioning it has probably reached maximum efficiency, which could lead to more costly power bills in some circumstances.

To avoid this, you should schedule air conditioning service in Tempe, AZ, to ensure your cooling device is well-taken care of and functions at its best. Apart from that, using cost-effective measures to preserve your air conditioner efficiency can save money. 

Some of the main methods to improve your air conditioner’s efficiency are listed below:

  • Maintain Clean Surroundings Around the Condenser of Your AC

A specialist from an air conditioner company will help maintain the surrounding external device clean with less dirt. 

  • Set the Thermostat at a Higher Temperature

Setting the thermostat at 5 to 8 degrees higher will be the most useful way to improve your power efficiency. 

  • Close Blinds and Curtains

Ensure to keep the curtain and blinds closed so that no cold air gets circulated out of the home and more sunlight doesn’t penetrate your place. 

  • Insulate Ductworks

Despite the air conditioner working well, the air vent that moves cold air across the house might be damaged. So to make your air conditioning device more power efficient, it is better to keep your ductwork insulated.

  • Seal Leaks of Air

If the AC repair service is not done satisfactorily, the cool air will not get evenly distributed within the house. There is a need to close or seal all the potential leak areas, such as extra cracks. 

  • Keep the Air Conditioner Unit Away From Direct Contact With the Sunlight

Direct sunlight on the air conditioner will harm its internal devices, reducing its effectiveness. So to maintain better efficiency, it is better to keep the device away from direct sunlight. 

  • Routine Maintenance

Regular maintenance of the air conditioner unit will help you keep your device running at optimum efficiency without demanding frequent repairs. 

  • Reduce Usage of Other Electronics

More use of electrical appliances leads to more heat being entangled in the home. By restricting electronic devices, you can make your device more efficient. 

  • Clean the Condenser Coils 

Exterior cleaning of the condenser device and internal coils can guarantee adequate efficiency to your air conditioning system. A more comprehensive cleaning should be left to experts as they are more knowledgeable about the know-how and fragilities of the device. 

  • Change and Clean the Air Filters Regularly

Air filters assist in limiting dust, dirt, and debris from penetrating your house. The filter collects the undesirable dirt and pollutants. Over time, this jeopardizes efficiency and should be changed. 

  • Select the Right-Sized Air Conditioner

Selecting an air conditioning device’s right size depending on your place is important to ensure lowered operational expenses and higher efficiency. 

While there are numerous things you can do yourself to enhance your air conditioner’s efficiency, searching for ‘AC service near me’ is a first step to helping you find the right company. At GE Home Service, our technicians are there to help you save money on your air conditioning services. For more information, call us at 480-376-0755 or email us at [email protected].