10 Reasons Air Conditioner Smells Musty And How To Get Rid Of It

10 Reasons Air Conditioner Smells Musty And How To Get Rid Of It

Every homeowner in Arizona loves the cool air an AC provides. Have you ever smelled something strange as soon as you switch on your air conditioning appliance? In this case, you should consult a professional and look for a professional air conditioning repair near me, via Google or any other reliable search engine.

Common Air Conditioning Smells And Ways To Resolve Them

Here are some prevailing air conditioning smells and measures to avoid them.

Car Exhaust Smell

An air conditioning system does not use an internal combustion motor to operate. A smell from your air conditioner indicates a leak in your refrigerant line. It is better to inspect the refrigerant levels and get them refilled from time to time.

Burning Gunpowder Smell

Your air conditioning unit contains numerous electrical components, such as circuit boards, power wires, fans, and condensers. In this case, turn off your AC unit immediately and seek advice from a local professional.

Rotten Egg Smell

A foul or rotten air conditioner odor usually gets induced by dead rodents or critters trapped in the AC. It is a different and distinct odor that cannot be confused with anything else. Birds and insects can nest or seek refuge in your ductwork, becoming trapped in the equipment.

Gas And Skunk Smell

This is the most concerning air conditioner odor on this list. It frequently indicates gas leakage within the framework. Since natural gas has no odor on its own, utilities and gas distributors add Methyl Mercaptan to give it a distinct odor. It ensures that any serious harm caused by gas leakage is detected immediately.

Moldy Or Musty Smell

The most prevalent foul odor of air conditioning appliances is stale and dingy. If your air conditioner smells musty, the most likely cause is a buildup of water in the drain pan or seep lines, which can allow fungus or mildew to grow. 

Smoke-Like Smell

If you smoke at home, your air conditioner may eventually begin to smell like stale cigarette smoke. This disagreeable odor can trigger allergic reactions and headaches. Alter your air filter every 30 to 60 days and periodically clean your air conditioning appliance.

Chemical Smell

If you sense any foul chemical smell in the air, the odor could be of a sweet scent or paint thinner. In that case, the copper rings in the cooling unit fail in heat transfer or happen due to ice formation on the internal coils. 

The Smell Of Burning Plastic

When you have a burning air conditioner smell or your air conditioning system smells like fish, there could be many problems like the motor overheating due to a faulty capacitor that you can resolve by lubricating the motor.

Vinegar-Like Smell

This smell usually emanates due to the high condensation rate and the drainage line blockage. The best solution is to inspect the air filters and replace or clean them often.

Burning Plastic Smell

Burning plastic smells usually arise due to broken capacitors or bad motor conditions. Therefore, if you smell burning plastic, turn off your AC and contact an electrician to find the issues responsible for this problem.

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