10 Factors to Consider for Successful Installation of Air Conditioning System

10 Factors to Consider for Successful Installation of Air Conditioning System

What comes to mind when Google ‘air conditioning installation near me? Maybe it is a popular AC brand, your budget, or the comfort level. Brand, budget, and requirements are essential, but several other things also need your consideration before AC installation. 

Here, we have listed ten key factors to consider for the successful installation of an AC system.

What are the Key Factors?

  • Attention to AC sizeAn oversized AC short cycle often and frequently trips the circuit breaker. An undersized AC runs constantly, decreases the AC cooling efficiency, and consumes too much energy. 

If you choose the AC size correctly, you will not have to suffer from the mentioned problems. Therefore, take the help of an HVAC specialist to choose a suitable AC unit.

  • Ideal installation locationDo you ever wonder why your AC gets dirty quickly or what makes your AC produce weird sounds and smells? This happens when the AC installation location has nearby obstructions, plants, shrubs, or smoke-producing things. 

Be careful about indoor and outdoor unit locations. Maintain a 24 inches gap between the outdoor unit and vegetation around it.

  • Out of the reach of sunlight: Ensure that the sun rays don’t touch your AC unit. It should not be installed in the most heated area of your house. Too much heat in the room will cause the AC compressor to run constantly and degrade faster.
  • Space between AC and other appliances: It is advisable not to keep any electric appliances near the AC unit. Don’t keep the refrigerator, washing machine, microwave, oven, etc., near the AC unit. These appliances restrict the air and can lead to fire hazards.
  • AC installation permitYour technician must issue a building permit in Tempe, AZ, before AC installation. If the installation process requires a permit, but you or the technician avoid this factor, you will land yourself in legal trouble.

If you and your technician find everything perfect during ducts inspection, your AC unit is ready to be installed.

  • The efficiency of the air conditionerWhen looking for new AC, you expect the highest cooling efficiency at low energy consumption.

To turn this expectation into reality, install an AC with an energy efficiency rating of at least 16 or more.

  • Professional installation: Installing an AC without a technician is the worst air conditioning mistake. After DIY AC installation, you may have to deal with problematic air conditioning. A professional AC installation will help you maintain the efficiency of the AC system.
  • Availability of Add-ons: Even if you book an annual AC tune-up in Phoenix, AZ, you should clean your AC frequently. For this purpose, you should have additional tools like an efficient vacuum, a good quality nozzle, a water hose, and a cleaning spray.

Besides these tools, you should keep other thermostats and remote batteries.


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