10 Causes Of Furnace Short Cycling Problems

10 Causes Of Furnace Short Cycling Problems

Your furnace produces enough heat when the temperature drops to keep your home comfortable. Short cycling occurs when your furnace frequently turns on and off, preventing it from making enough warm air to keep your home comfortable.

In addition to wearing out the compressor, this constant stopping and starting deprives your home of its cooling comfort and will likely require furnace repairIf you reside  in Phoenix and are in need of furnace services, contact GE Home Service for assistance. 

Causes Of Furnace Short Cycling

  • Clogged filter: Your furnace’s air filter needs to be changed. It may have been clogged with dust and debris if you haven’t changed it. As the dust accumulates in your furnace’s blower motor, it will overheat, burn out the fuse, and cause a fire.
  • Dirty fuse: Regular maintenance of your furnace is essential. You may find the parts dirty after a few years if you have not kept them clean. If it becomes covered with soot and grime, the fuse may no longer connect sufficiently and fail.
  • Loose wire: The vibration from the furnace running can cause the internal wires to loosen over time. It may take some time to locate the problematic wire, but replacing or repairing it will resolve the issue. Ensure that your system gets regular inspections and tune-ups to prevent this from happening again.
  • Misplaced thermostat: When hot air contacts the thermostat, it shuts down the furnace, only to restart it once the airflow stops. Your thermostat should be placed where it best reflects your home’s average temperature. This can be handled by our professional for HVAC repair in Tempe, AZ.
  • Wrong fuse: The fuse may be too small for the capacity of your heating system. The problem will be detected and solved immediately by our expert.
  • Contact with water: Your furnace could experience electrical problems if it is located in a crawl space. Look for leaks that may be causing the short cycling.
  • Dirty or corroded sensors: Your furnace has a flame sensor that shuts off gas if there is no flame. A dirty or corroded sensor cannot sense the flame and shuts off the furnace’s gas supply. Our professional can look at and fix a sensor problem if you suspect one.
  • Your furnace is too big: It wastes tons of energy and is highly inefficient. A properly sized replacement unit is the only solution to this problem. For assistance, consult with our expert for HVAC repair in Tempe, AZ.
  • Faulty starting capacitor: Electrical problems can occur intermittently if the capacitor responsible for starting your furnace fails. It is possible to fix the problem by replacing the capacitor. Whenever you have an HVAC issue, don’t hesitate to search for heating repair near me online and look up our company.
  • Less maintenance: Your furnace can short cycle and malfunction if less maintenance is done throughout the year. To keep your furnace in the proper condition, maintain it regularly.

With routine maintenance, you can avoid most short-cycling issues. In HVAC systems, short cycling usually indicates a more severe problem. GE Home Service will be able to restart it.

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